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Yes, it's Back!
Published on May 22, 2010 By Cadalancea In Everything Else

Last year, right around this time, I started the Tug of War game, and it became the first big forum game here. I know, props and all. But then, things got hectic with me trying to do epic level counts (we got into the -1000>0>1000 games) for each game, then contracting mono, etc, etc.

But now, I have more than enough time to stick with this game and give it my full attention! And it'll give me something to do when grinding missions in EVE.

So without further ado, I present to you, again, the

Tug of War

Rules are fairly simple and straightforward. Each game starts at 0. Each game has a high and low goal, which, for the first game, will be +100 and -100. To play, you post your team, the Up or Down team, and then the previous number +1 or -1, followed by the resulting number. For example:


While yes, you could just have the +1 or -1 and the resultant number, it makes things a lot clearer to have the original number as well. Last game we had like ten people posting within seconds of one another, and often overlapping their numbers. Including the original number you tugged up or down from really helps sort out tangles like that.

A few extra little housekeeping rules: no double posting, unless to bump a page. Someone came up with that idea last game, and it was a great idea. Sorry I can't thank you by name, but if you're reading this, you know who so are. Props dude! Oh right, and I double post just to start off the first game.
For each game, you have to pick a team and stick with it, don't jump ship or anything. We tried that rule last game, and it ended up being a whole lot funner.

And finally, before I get this party started, I will, once again, do the awesome thing that made the last game so bloody popular. I will do counts. At the end of each game, we'll take a brief hiatus while I go back and count up all the posts made by EVERYONE during the last game and tally them up. Then we'll have an MVP for all teams, and and MVP for the Up and Down team. MVPs get karma. We'll also have little achievements to get too, which I won't tell what they are. They're secret, at least until the first game is done.

Right, I think that's everything. Under this I'll edit to update for each new game.


Game 02

A new round just began on page 14, second post!

-200 < 0 > 200

Read the last page to see where the score is at before posting!

Let's get this party started!

Comments (Page 3)
on May 24, 2010

down we go!


on May 24, 2010

Pull up!  Pull UP!



-15+1 = 14

on May 24, 2010

There ya go.. a little fight.. you guys are weaaak tho

Down we go

-14-1= -15

p.s. don't forget your (-) sign !

on May 24, 2010

DOWN! DOWN! muahahhahahhahah



on May 24, 2010


on May 24, 2010

-17 - 1 = -18

on May 24, 2010

I rally!


Oh, and clarification of double posting. Rawr, you were spot on on the first page. As long as there's a post in between yours where the number gets moved, go ahead and post. Even if the move was by your own team.



"He who live by the sword shall die by my knife. That's prophecy, if you like."

-Caine, Heroes Die

on May 24, 2010

pfft no rally!  Squash the resistance!




on May 24, 2010

down down down



on May 24, 2010


-19-1= -20

o sup to -20!!

*Announcer voice* Down team is 1/5 of the way to the goal

on May 25, 2010

Yes anyway we don't want him in our team. He's the only reason i went down

Oh good cause I was gonna say I'd rather be not on a perpetual traitor's team

Thanks Mith!


on May 25, 2010


-19-1 = -20

on May 25, 2010

Up - one of the best movies EVER.


on May 25, 2010

-19 - 1 = -20

on May 25, 2010

Oh please, that's nothing.