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From Nathanial Jaltwthe
Published on July 2, 2009 By Cadalancea In Everything Else

So, I've been working on a Sins story. The game has a great backstory, and I want to explore the lore.
I'll be starting with a series of letters formatted as though they were fleet correspondance.

And yes, the character of Alexander Kol (who will be introduced vary soon) is based off of WitchFire's Alexander Kol. It's an homage, not a steal. WitchFire's Saints of a Solar Empire was an amazing story that made me want to write, and I thought her idea for the great Admiral Kol was pretty awesome.



To the Offices of the Trader Emergency Coalition Solar Fleet Headquarters,
From the TECN Jens Handsli, Nathanial Jaltwthe Commanding.

Message Starts:

My task force has arrived in the Trinari system, at 0800 hours today. The colonists have already located a prospective site for the colony, and have taken down the first two Protevs. We have taken up geosynchronous orbit over the site.
There have been no blips on our sensors as of yet. Pirates are known to frequent these systems. I will be sending Sienna, Vermillion, and Aqua out on a reconnassaince mission to the two nearest systems. They are projected to leave by 1300 tomorrow, and should return from their sweep within a week. I will keep the Jens along with the Auburn and Cerise on station.
End Official Message.
Start Personal Message.
How’re you doing Admiral? Last I saw you; you were still occasionally commanding the Achilles. Probably still are; I know how much of a stubborn ass you can be, sir, and how you can’t give up your ships.
Personally, I’d like to thank you for this assignment. This is exactly what my crew needs right now. I know that every ship is needed on the line holding back the Vasari advance, but I still feel that my crew deserves a break. Call me a soft commander, but after years on the front, we’re worn thin. My X.O. just came over from a destroyed ship two months ago. Half my crew is brand new, and the other half is bone tired. I think that a little R&R out here will do wonders. No stress or pressure. Hell, even occasional ground leave. If only we could do rotations like this for all the ships…

Still watching the line,

Oh and Alex, you can keep your fancy new phase three Dunovs. The Jens could take any of them, any day. Even with her hands behind her back.

Message Ends.




I should be posting updates every couple of days. Hey, writing can't be rushed!

Oh, and funny story. I was proofreading this after I posted it, and it decided that "X O (no space between the X and the O)" should be . I had to go back and make it X.O.

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on Jul 16, 2009

hey u gunna update this or not

on Jul 16, 2009

Pretty awesome. I should get back to writing mine. Its called "Escalation" and its over in the sins forum. Its set in a much different period of time though, during the outbreak of a third theoretical game expansion.

It stalled because my free time is very limited these days but I'd love to finish it.

on Jul 16, 2009

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