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Published on July 10, 2009 By Cadalancea In Everything Else

To the TECN Jens Handsli, Nathanial Jaltwthe Commanding
From the Offices of the Trader Emergency Coalition Solar Fleet Headquarters.

Message Begins
Affirmative. Good luck on endeavor Jens. One adjustment to proposed course of action necessary: Initiate full colonization efforts as soon as possible. All Protevs are to be grounded and participating in the colonization efforts within four E-days.
I'm fine, thank you. I have actually transferred my command staff to the Achilles in orbit. I know you'll have a few choice words for that. But, like you said, I love my ships too much. I helped design them. Hell Nathan, they even have my name.
I'm glad to help your crew. God knows the Jens needs her time off, if just to help her arthritis. You need the time too, my friend. You've been going nonstop since you took command ten years ago. At the ripe old age of forty one, Happy Birthday to you incidentally, you need time off too. Unless you're me, of course. I do believe I have two years of leave accrued, save for the fact that the stone faced bastards who wrote the Navy regs only allow you to have a maximum of two months at any given time.

Still watching the sky,

End of Message.

on Jul 10, 2009

this is great! Is there more that I missed somewhere? Or are you still writing? And is this on the forums? You should consider it if its not. It'll help keep everything together and more people will find and pick it up.

on Jul 10, 2009

ha also, can't give karma here! Can only do that on the forums!

EDIT: o, just kidding, i found it. here's karma to you.

on Jul 11, 2009

I'll be adding the next part in a day or two. Thanks for reading!