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Yes, I do realize I've been spelling Correspondence wrong all along. Whoops.
Published on July 22, 2009 By Cadalancea In Everything Else

To the Offices of the Trader Emergency Coalition Solar Fleet Headquarters,

From the TECN Jens Handsli, Nathanial Jaltwthe Commanding.


Message Starts:


All Protevs have grounded, as per your orders. Cobalt scouting party had been dispatched, should arrive in eight days, two days later than projected. Still no incoming signals detected since AOS. The skies are clear.

End Official Message

Start Personal Message

On the Achilles now? That's a (C)Kol, isn't it? You're probably driving it's commander senseless, just being aboard. You're just not that kind of an Admiral anymore, Alex.

I heard you were offered Chairmanship. That true? If it is, you better accept. You could do a lot better there, than in Fleet. I'm sorry this message is short, but we've got a 0800 drill today, and I wanted to get this off with this morning's dispatches.


Still watching the line,



And thank you, my birthday was quite nice.


Message Ends.

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