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Published on July 22, 2009 By Cadalancea In Everything Else

To the TECN Jens Handsli, Nathanial Jaltwthe Commanding

From the Offices of the Trader Emergency Coalition Solar Fleet Headquarters.


Message Begins

An Arcova recently through that area routed back information on a large nebula. Please add that nebula as a waypoint for your scout party to investigate. Rest of schedule is approved. Good luck.


0800 drills? You're on vacation for god's sake. Be human and make it no earlier than 0830. Maybe add a few 0500 drills to keep them on their toes.

Yeah, I was offered to be the Presiding Chairman. Not my thing. I turned it down, of course. I'm staying with my Fleet, no matte  what. They'll have to drag me away. I do believe some are actually considering doing that.

I have some news for you, right off the front lines. We’ve lost two systems, and their defense fleets along with them. According to what we’ve been able to gather from survivors, the Vasari lost two capital mass ships. That’s two of theirs, for eight of ours. Three of ours were brand new Marzas. Things aren’t looking too good Nathan. Don’t get too comfortable out there; we might be calling you back soon.


Still watching the sky,



End of Message.

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